Njl's AS/400 page

If STRSEU, STRSDA, CRTRPGPGM, CRTBNDRPG, CRTSRVPGM, WRKOBJPDM doesn't sound familiar, you have reached the wrong page.

This page is intended to be interesting for those people working with programming in (ILE) RPG, CLP or MI on the AS/400. My hope is that you find something that can help you make better programs, or simply to realize that the AS/400 can be taught to do almost anything.

It's my intention to provide more programs and sample code in the download area, but for now you'll have to waste your precious time playing Five-In-Line, if you're not busy with Y2K conversions. In that case, you may want to take a look at DSPOBJREF.

13th February 1999